Luxury Silk Flower Arrangements

We love flowers. Our favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is to go to our farmer market and get a bunch of fresh flowers to last us through the week. The only bad thing about it is, it always gets yucky by Thursday and Friday.

While nothing beats fresh flowers, we refuse to be snobby about it though. Not everybody has access to a flower mart or a farmers market, and who can afford to buy fresh flowers every week from a florist?

We often use silk flowers to substitute for those times. We put them away on special occasions that call for fresh flowers, but for everyday, silk flowers make the perfect substitute.

Here's the key though: IT CAN NOT LOOK CHEAP. Cheap silk flowers are like cheap suits. You better not wear them at all.

Here are some new luxury silk flower arrangements we just added to our site. We hope you'll enjoy them. If you would like to see more of these or get more pricing information, please visit the silk flower arrangements section of our site.


Download Tutorial, Ebook & AutoCAD DWG


» 33.1 KiB - 50 hits - November 11, 2008
Sample wardpope drawing in 1/20 scale detail. Plan, section and front elevation available. Neslihan Toker

» 873.9 KiB - 240 hits - October 28, 2008
Detailed bathroom drawing 2 Neslihan Toker

» 893.4 KiB - 234 hits - October 27, 2008
"I want to share some detailed bathroom drawings (as DWG) that we drew while working on a housing project with ‘Focus Architecture’. I think this will be helpful especially to the fresh graduates."Neslihan Toker

» 36.8 KiB - 908 hits - September 29, 2008
A few furnituring blocks (bed, couch etc.) for living rooms and bedrooms. -Neslihan Leyla TOKER

» 547.7 KiB - 1,091 hits - September 11, 2008
A DWF file represents detailed kitchen drawing. by Neslihan Toker

» 17.4 KiB - 610 hits - September 3, 2008
A simple garden light drawing. Neslihan Aktaş

» 18.6 KiB - 1,183 hits - August 6, 2008
A Spiral stairs in accordance with architectural
norms. Orhan Toker

» 31.5 KiB - 1,114 hits - July 2, 2008
This time, there is a stairway in “U” shape in considering architectural regulations.


» 4.6 KiB - 2 hits - November 14, 2008

An AutoLISP code that changes POLYLINE widths. Muharrem Koçyiğit

» 434 bytes - 503 hits - September 1, 2008
A sample program that compares Visual LISP and AutoLISP. Muharrem Kocyigit


» 83.4 KiB - 69 hits - November 12, 2008
Dynamic door block with automatic insertion facility. - Erhan Toker


» 299.7 KiB - 1,044 hits - August 21, 2008
This 12 page PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker & orhan Toker which are about “Layers” in AutoCAD .

» 155.7 KiB - 804 hits - August 21, 2008
This 9 page PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker which are about “Annotation Objects” in AutoCAD 2008 and 2009.

» 399.7 KiB - 598 hits - August 21, 2008
This PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker which are about “(Render) Material Definition” in AutoCAD 2008.

» 615.3 KiB - 1,173 hits - August 21, 2008
This 18 page PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker which are about "Creating Render Materials" in AutoCAD.

» 97 KiB - 570 hits - August 21, 2008
This PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker which are about “MULTILINE” in AutoCAD 2008.

» 115.3 KiB - 790 hits - August 21, 2008
This PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker which are about “DASHBOARD” in AutoCAD 2007 and 2008.

» 159 KiB - 644 hits - August 21, 2008
This 10 page PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker which are about “MULTILEADER command” in AutoCAD 2008. This very detailed e-book helps you to learn the new ability of AutoCAD 2008.

» 288.1 KiB - 1,022 hits - August 21, 2008
This 18 page PDF document is compiled from articles of Erhan Toker which are about dynamic blocks in AutoCAD.

» 166.2 KiB - 761 hits - August 21, 2008
This 10 page PDF document is compiled from the articles about external references. (XREF)


» 311.5 KiB - 790 hits - August 21, 2008
This 23 page PDF document is compiled from articles of Orhan Toker which are about dimension style settings in AutoCAD.

» 141.7 KiB - 903 hits - August 21, 2008
Dimensioning 101.


AutoCAD Tutorial

Creating a Footprint Map Using AutoCAD 2000 from an Aerial Photograph AutoCAD is the world’s most popular computer-aided drafting software product for the personal computer available in both DOS and windows by Autodesk, Inc. Anything that can be drawn on a drawing board can be drawn by AutCAD. AutoCAD is an interactive drwaing system designed to permit a user to construct or edit a drwaing on a graphics display screen. It is similar to other word-processing programs except that in this case the thing being precessed is a drawing.

File Details: October 8, 2004 1.2Mb (16 pages)
Download Tutorial AutoCAD

AutoCAD Architecture 2009 Description

"AutoCAD-based design software for faster architectural documentation creation."
Brothersoft Editor: AutoCAD Architecture provides the best AutoCAD-based design and documentation productivity for architects. The software gives you more tools that automate tedious drafting tasks, enabling you to create your architectural documentation faster.

Better for Architects: Work in the familiar AutoCAD environment, using tools that are purpose-built for architectural drawing and design.
Immediate Productivity: Begin using AutoCAD Architecture with minimal training, creating documentation, drawings, and schedules faster and with fewer errors.
Flexibility in Implementation and Use: AutoCAD Architecture is compatible with your existing project management methods. Begin using it immediately and make a smooth transition to more advanced features at your own pace.
Smooth Collaboration: Exchange information easily using the industry-leading DWGâ?¢ file format, and use integrated rendering to create lifelike design visualizations that enhance communication with clients. you can free download AutoCAD Architecture 2009 now.


Kravet Fabric-Useful Information You'll Need to Know

1) Kravet is not a manufacturer of fabrics. It is actually a fabricator. It designs and purchases fabrics from several mills throughout the world, then package it into coordinating collection to be marketed to the trade. Certain designers, such as Barbara Barry, designs licensed collection that is exclusive to Kravet.

2) Kravet does not sell to the consumers directly. It must be purchased via a designer, a workroom or an authorized dealer such as Inside Fabric.

3) In addition to fabric, Kravet also sells trims, furniture, lighting and carpet.

4) Kravet fabric can be seen at Kravet showrooms, located in design centers in various cities. To locate a showroom near you, click here.

5) First quality Kravet fabric means that it is guaranteed to be free of any manufacturer defect. Kravet is very good at fulfilling their warranty obligations. If you are unsatisfied for any reasons they will take the fabric back. Keep in mind that you need to notify us right away when a fabric is defective.

6) Kravet fabric is divided into six groups:

a) Kravet Basics is the least expensive. It consists of simple and practical fabrics that priced at less than $50 a yard. Most are simple cotton, linen or silk fabric. This is our favorite group to use when we need a large quantity.

b) Kravet Couture is the most expensive group. It can go up to $200-300 per yard. It is also very elegant and very beautiful. Most fabrics in this group are imported from Europe.

c) Kravet Design is the largest group of the collection. It has a mid price range of $25-75 per yard.

d) Kravet Soleil is the outdoor fabrics collection manufactured using Sunbrella technology.

e) Kravet Contract is fabrics used for commercial applications.

f) Laura Ashley is a division of Kravet Fabric. In addition to Laura Ashley, Kravet also has exclusive collection from Pierre Deux, Soleil, Waterworks, PGA Tour and Lizzo.

7) Kravet fabric can be search on line here. While it is not perfect, it can give you a good starting point. We strongly recommend seeing it in person. Due to monitor variation and graphic quality; many times the images do not represent the true fabric.

8) It is nearly impossible to get Kravet discontinued fabrics. If your fabric is discontinued, the best solution is to find an alternative. This is because most vendors do not keep stock due to the sheer number of patterns available, and it is simply not feasible to call everyone who carries Kravet fabrics to find that particular pattern. Your time is better spent picking a new fabric.

9) To get instant pricing on Kravet Fabric, go to our Kravet fabric store and enter the pattern number (do not enter the color code).

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