Inside Avenue on "Ex Wives Club" -ABC TV

Did anyone see us on "Ex Wives Club", aired on ABC last Monday? Okay, if you blinked you probably missed it. We did too, actually.

So this is what happened. About a year ago we got a call from a producer from ABC TV. They want to use our store to shoot a scene for a new reality show staring Marla Maple, Angie Everhart and Shar Jackson (Shar who??). Shar Jackson, let us inform you, used to be married to Kevin Federline, who used to be married to Britney Spears, got it?

Being in Southern California, we are just as celebrity obsessed as anyone else. Plus, we thought it would be a nice little publicity for our store. Mind you, we are a little store (and we meant, LITTLE) with no more than two pennies to rub together for an advertising budget, so we jumped at the chance. We got all dressed up, all made up, cleaned up our store--all in anticipation of the filming.

The next day the crew came with Marla Maple and Shar Jackson. They were extremely nice, and we could tell they were amused that we were all dressed up. I, the owner, was given one line--"cash or charge". I was told to pretend that they are buying all these things, but that they will give them back after filming. Fair enough, I said. Free publicity, who can ask for anything more?

So let us tell you something about reality TV, there is nothing realistic about it! It's all scripted. From what we can see, people were told what to say and how to say it. That doesn't even count the editing that is done afterward.

We saw the first episode of the show and to be honest with you, it is such a YAWN!! We never see so many blubbering people in our lives! Man, these people cried and cried. You just want to slap them and tell them to get over it already.

And that is why we might have missed our 5 seconds of fame on TV....

The Prettiest Shades of Blue

We have this thing for blue. Not all shades of blue, of course, but soft blue, robin's egg blue, gray blue... You know, the kind of blues that don't make you feel blue but soothe your heart and your soul. We like mixing it with white (for a beachy look)and with lots of mirrors (for the Hollywood Regency look). It's quite a winning combination. Check out this picture below from Methome to see an example of what we meant:

And here are a few products in blue that we just adore (all can be found in the home decor section).

Desi Stool

Blue Light Spencer Table

Flamingo Lamp

Blue Chinoiserie Box

Black is so...90's--Decorate with Colors Instead!

Black is so 90s, so claimed Vera Wang in the business section of the New York Times this past Sunday.

We unequivocably agreed. Frankly we're tired of black. Or beige. Or brown for that matter. When it comes to home furnishings we think colors are SO in! Not gaudy, obnoxious colors that hurt your eyes when you look at it, but vibrant, sunny colors that are used cohesively...

Here are few examples that show colors being used widely and successfully:

Note the intensity of the wall colors, and how it is offset with the softer, more neutral colors of the furnishings.

Here is another view of this room:

(Photo courtesy of Met Home)

If you are into colors right now, check out the shop by color section at Inside Avenue. It groups items into color scheme to make it easy to shop by your favorite color theme.

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