Home Decorating for Men

Most men are completetely clueless when it comes to home decorating (notice we said most, not all--we've seen some amazing homes decorated by men in our business).

Men tend to like masculine, non-fussy interiors. For this reason, we like Michael Weiss furniture the best. The price range for this line is fair and reasonable, and we particularly like the clean lines.

Here are a few examples of Michael Weiss furniture (made by Vanguard).

We like this modern poster bed for its paneled headboard. It's sleek, modern and warm.

We also like this upholstered leather bed for a more masculine look. The leather/nail heads can be customized. We've done it in black leather with polished nickel nailheads. It looks really slick.

Here are couple of room scenes:

Living Room

Dining Room

Family room/Entertainment Room (we love this bar).

Bedroom Scence (it's not often we see a bed with storage that looks this sleek...)

If you would like more information about this line, send us an email and we'll be happy to help.
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