Living Room Designs

The living room is a fun room to decorate. It's usually the least-used room in the house, so you can afford to be a little impractical--unless you have kids. It's also the room most people see first, so you can go all out to make it pretty.

Here are few goods ones we found on PointClickHome.com.

Note the use of different types of chairs/sofa/furniture. It's not all matchy matchy...

We love to use chaise. It's a nice alternative to a sofa sometimes....

If you have a large room, it's nice to break up the furniture a little bit into different areas...

A nice mix of modern and traditional furniture. Also very functional.

Here are some living room furniture pieces that we like...

Chloe Chaise-we like to do this chaise in white for a crisp & modern look.

Phoebe Lounger. This is a great sofa to lounge around. The back of the sofa can be custom-made so that it will have back-cushions instead of throw pillows, which can be a pain some time...

Trenton Chaise-this chaise is clean-lined and modern. We like it in mohair or a fantastic chenille.

Vintage Sofa-our favorite sofa, this one is great in a simle cotton or linen. It's a classic style that seems to last forever...

Monte Sofa -this one is ultra cool...

Carson Bench-we use this one either as a bed bench or for extra sitting in the living room.

Modern Sofa-this one is sweet and simple. We love the dainty legs...

All the furniture are made by Pepper Berry, a small furniture manufacturer in Los Angeles. If you need help with any of these products, send us an emai. We'll be happy to help you with anything you need.

Cool Bedroom Decorating

The bedroom, in a way, is the easiest room to decorate , yet it could be the hardest. It's easy because the furniture required are so simple. Basically you will need a bed, nighstands, an ottoman maybe, a couple of chairs if your room is of a decent size. Yet the range of the choices are huge-it's hard to know where to start!

Here are a few pretty ones we found on Metropolitan Home:

This is tranquil and harmonious. It feels like a boutique hotel...

We like the use of drapes and colors in this room. It feels warm and cozy:

This one is clean-lined and modern:

This one feels sexy and sensuous...

Here are a few upholstered beds that we just love. It is made by Pepper Berry, a small boutique manufacturer based out of Los Angeles. Run by the nicest couple we ever met, Matt and Michelle Cicero, Pepper Berry sells to furniture stores and interiors designers. The company makes beautiful products that are well-made and well-priced.

This bed is perfect for a guy. It's masculine and sexy!

Here is another version of it in white fabric. Perfect for a loft!

We like the prettty, soft lines on this bed. The headboard can be tufted as well.

As with any upholstery products, you can customize the beds with different fabrics. You can also make slip covers for them if you feel like changing the look according to the season. These beds are relatively inexpensive (roughly $2000 for a king size not including fabric).

For a complete catalog on Pepper Berry products, send us an email . In addition to upholstered beds, they also do beautiful chairs, ottoman, sofas and chaises.


Need Inspirations?

Don't you love looking at home decor magazines for inspiration? We do too. We have to confess though, we only look at the pictures and never read the text. For people like us, there is a new site that has just been launched that we love, http://www.pointclickhome.com/. It is a site that combines the resources of several home decorating magazines, including our favorites--Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home and other remodeling-related home magazines. It includes several resource sections, blogs, tips , ideas, expert advice and all the cool stuff about home remodeling, home design and home decorating. The best feature is that it has TONS of beautiful pictures that you can browse through. Well, maybe not tons, but enough to have fun for a little while. We suspect as the site grows, the content will get richer.

The site still has a lot of glitches, as with most newly-launched site. It does not have easy navigation, a good search tool, and there are many dead links. As with most ad-supported sites, it has annoying pop-ups, but it's a good start and a good idea.

Check it out. It's a great site!
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