Great Home & Garden Stuff from Los Angeles

We're are addicted to the Home & Garden section of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. It comes in the Thursday's edition and is full of useful information--which can be applied anywhere you live in the country.

In case you miss it, or do not have access to the papers, here are some of the good tidbits from the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Home & Garden happenings this month:

June 29-Venice Home Tour-Home Tour sponsored by the American Institute of Architects-a tour of home in a 1-mile radius such as the 23 Breeze House by David Reddy, Canal House by Emily Kovner, Cube by Mark Baez etc. 213-639-0777.

Neutra Tours-Managed by Cal Poly Pomona's College of Enviromental Design. Open this Saturday 11-3pm.

AWA Exhibits-work from 34 desginers in the fields of architecture, interior designs and landscape at the Pacific Design Center through July. Free.

Saturday 6/21- Composting Class by John Lyons at Descanso Garden, 11418 Descanso Drive, La Canada Flinridge $20. 818-949-4200.

Also, here is a wonderful article about growing a vegetable garden all year round in California. It's a great read.


Kravet Upholstery Fabric

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They also allow you to choose a cut-out-approval order where you will be sent a sample of the fabric you purchased prior to shipping it. Already have a style in mind? Just type in the the pattern number or color you had in mind in the keyword search box and you’ll have your desired fabric in no time.

They make online fabric shopping easy and they make it affordable! Don’t miss out on discount Kravet fabrics, they offer affordable prices on everything they sell and you’re able to save up to over $500 on stylish fabric!

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