New Fabrics from Robert Allen

We just received the new fabric books from Robert Allen today and we just LOVE them. As regular readers of this blog already know, we are suckers for pretty, soft yet modern looking things. The new books from Robert Allen fabrics are just so.

Here are a few patterns that we particularly like. They are from the Robert Allen Fabric books
called Wisteria , Orchid and Sterling. You can see the complete books by clicking on the links shown.

Our favorites:
This one is very Kelly Wearstlerish, except it cost 1/2 as much. The pattern is called ENTRELAZOS.
Oh my god we just love this one. The pattern is called Vesoul.

We like this one when we are in the mood for something geometric. This pattern is called Canelones.

This one is so pretty too. The pattern is called Sol/Orchid.

Robert Allen fabric pricing is fairly reasonable. To see them, you can visit their web site at www.robertallendesign.com. You can search by patterns, colors and textures. Our favorite way is to search by books. That way you can see all the coordinating colors and patterns.

A good source for discounted Robert Allen fabric is our sister site, Inside Fabric.com. You can get prices off the web site immediately vs having to call someone.

Rant and Raves-Jamie Young Lamps

If you watch a lot of movies and TV, you'll probably see Jamie Young Lamps featured everywhere. It's our favorite lamp line, because it's so soft and pretty and feminine and delicate. It's a perfect lamp if you like a pretty but modern look. What makes Jamie Young unique is their shade offerings. They make shades to be interchangeable with the lamps so you can change the look as often as you like. The shade fabrics are quite nice. You must make sure the shade is the right size and shape for the lamp though, as they are quite pricey. Jamie Young lamps range from $500 for a table lamp to $1000 for a floor lamp. Pricey, yes, but they are so worth it.

Here are a few of our favorites:

We love this one because the shade is so pretty and feminine. The base is made of solid brass and feels very solid.

This is a new one that just got introduced last year. We love the twisted branch base.

We like this one paired with a nice, comfortable linen couch. It's a great look for a beach house.

This one has a beautiful blue shade:

To see the complete Jamie Young Lamp collection , visit the lamp section at Inside Avenue.


Barbara Barry Fabric-A Quick Preview

Barbara Barry is everywhere nowadays. She designs furniture, rugs, chinaware, linens--all under her own name for different manufacturers; all carries her signature style, which is understated and classic.

Our favorite Barbara Barry product is the Barbara Barry fabric collection for Kravet. Simple, muted and elegant, it's a perfect choice if you like subdued elegance.

To see the fabric collection, you can visit the Kravet web site under "Barbara Barry Collection". The fabrics look way better in person though, so it's best to check out your local Kravet showroom where you can touch/feel the fabric.

Our favorite Barbara Barry fabrics are shown below:

This one is a best seller. It features Barbara Barry's signature design:
This pattern is fairly new. We like the red corral pattern...Perfect for a pillow:

We love brown, as it is one of the easiest colors to work with. This one has a very rich pattern to it:
This one is so pretty...

Another brown pattern that we like. It's a new pattern that just got released:

Barbara Barry fabric is expensive. They range between $80-260 per yard. A good place to check pricing/availability/order sample is Insideafabric.com. You can generally get about 30%-40% off the retail prices on this site plus free shipping.
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