Design Contest coming to Bravo

We heard that the folks responsible for Project Runway and Top Chef are coming out with a show for interior design. This is so exciting! We love Project Runway and Top Chef! It's nice to have a reality show about talents than about silly people babbling about nothing of value (would you believe this, but there will be a realtity show coming called "Hot Moms". Please, give us a break!)

On some other TV related-news, we will be featured on "Ex-wives Clubs", coming to ABC next year. Well, that is if we don't get cut out in the editing room. The folks from the show came to us last year to shoot a segment with Marla Trump and the woman who used to be married to K-Fed (what is her name?). You know what's realistic about reality show? Very little. From what we've seen it's very scripted.

Watch out for our next post where we will keep you informed about all the cool home design stuff that is going on in Los Angeles.
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