Modern Decorating-Michael Weiss

Once in a while we like to write about designers that are not terribly well-known, but who makes wonderful, livable, affordable furniture. Michael Weiss is one of them. The son of designer Lillian August, Michael Weiss designs a collection of modern, clean-lined furniture for Vanguard that we just love. His style is simple, clean-lined, modern and somewhat masculine, but not too much so. The furniture is quite affordable ($2-3K range for the major pieces such as sofas, dining table, beds and so on), and very livable.

Michael Weiss's collection frequently gets updated, which is nice. We think furniture should be treated like fashions--as our style and taste change over time....

Here are a few examples of his latest pieces:

This is a nice living room scene showing a Michael Weiss Sofa:

Another living room scene showing a different sofa/chair combination:

We like these chairs for their simplicity:

This bed is very sexy and masculine at the same time. The upholstery part can be changed to your own fabric...:

A very cool dining room:

If you are interested in looking at more Michael Weiss pieces, his collection can be found at www.vanguardfurniture.com (click on the Michael Weiss collection).

If you need any help in purchasing this product, drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist...

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