The Purity of White

We love an all-white decor. It's refreshing, modern and pure. When we do design jobs for our clients, we like using all white furnishings and juxtapose it with black/white photographs and beautiful plants & flowers. The results are often stunning.

Here are a few favorites to help you accomplish that look.

White Slip Cover Sofa $2000

What goes with it:

White Slip Cover Chair $1400"

White Tulip $350

As far as maintenance goes, it is true that white gets dirty quickly and is not ideal if you have kids. By choosing the right material such as cotton slip covers that can be washed easily, this look can be easily maintained.


Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood regency, hollywood modern, hollywood retro--these are all the terms that describe the hottest trend in home decorating today. Made popular by Kelly Wearstler of Viceroy, Maison 140 (Palm Spring, Santa Monica) fame, this style involves a lot of mirror, a lot of lacquer, and splashes of bold color. It also makes good use of bold graphics and Asian accessories.

Here are a few items that contribute to this glamorous look:

This mirror was featured in Elle Decor a few issues back.

We love this armoire. It is in black with mirror. In our showroom we show it with a yellow pair of tassels. Awesome!

We also like this bedside table:

And this hallway chest too (it comes in red and black leather).

If you would like to check out the style, a good book to check out is Kelly Wearstler's Modern Glamour, the Art of Unexpected Style She has done an amazing job in this genre Her web site shows her awesome projects.
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